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Don't Open Your Eyes

Don't Open Your Eyes

The Tao of ghostbusting; religion and policing. On January 2, 2006, three fateful things happen to Sergeant Yiu, a lackluster Hong Kong cop: he shoots a notorious criminal who vows to haunt him, his aunt dies and passes to him the ability to see ghosts, and he's given a desk job at the 7th precinct. There he's supervised by the hard-nosed Madame Tsui, he meets Bing, the force's expert on the supernatural, and he works with Fiona, a lovely colleague with her own secret. Can Yiu (called "Seven") manage his gift, face the ghost, and find the gang that's still at large? Help comes from Taoists, a young medium, and the venerable precinct itself, but the forces of evil are great.

Genre: Comedy , Horror

Actor: Alex Fong , Wah Yuen , Jo Kuk , Sammy Leung

Director: Clarence Yiuleung Fok

Writer: Kuang Feng

Country: Hong kong

Release: 2006-05-20

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Rating: 0